Principal Investigator


A rare Indonesian with a Dutch directness,

Canadian heart &

an American love of fried chicken

Dwi U. Kemaladewi

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Div. of Genetic and Genomic Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate (2012-2019)

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

PI: Prof. Ronald Cohn

Ph.D. in Human Genetics (2007-2012)

Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

PIs: Prof. Peter 't Hoen, Prof. Gert-Jan van Ommen, Prof. Peter ten Dijke

BSc in Life Sciences (2003-2007)

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Netherlands​

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Research Staff


E-mail Marie

Marie Johnson

Lab Manager (2020 - now)

B.S, Biology

Pennsylvania State University

Marie works on:

Every project Dwi came up with (and fixing every problem Dwi created)

Marie collects:   

Fun, colorful glasses (and leaves them everywhere!)

Christopher Darfoor Photo.jpg

Christopher Darfoor

Research Technician (2022 - now)

BSc, Biological Sciences

University of Pittsburgh

Christopher works on:

Functional and molecular analyses of disease mouse models

Christopher's 1st task in the lab:

Being a judge in the Lab Karaoke 

Postgraduate researchers

Seun Akinyele.jpeg

Oluwaseun (Seun) Akinyele

Postdoctoral Fellow (2021 - now)

PhD, Pharmacology

University of Aberdeen

Seun works on: 

Therapeutic genetics and disease modeling in Snyder-Robinson Syndrome

Things Seun would say:

Serie A is "nae bad", but Premier League is way better!


John Wang 

Resident, Pediatric Scientist Development Program (2022 - now)

MD/PhD, New York University 

John works on:

Modeling peripheral neuropathy in pediatric diseases

John runs around with:

Stethoscope and anything that resembles a ruler


Yonne Menezes

Postdoctoral Fellow (2022 - now)

PhD, Immunology and Biotechnology

Univ. Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Yonne works on:

Immunophenotyping assessments in disease mouse models 

Yonne's secret to success:

Sending good vibes #GV

Graduate students


Annie Infancia Arockiaraj

PhD student (2019 - now)

MS, Human Genetics

University of Pittsburgh

Annie works on:

Compensatory mechanism of human LAMA1 in LAMA2-CMD

Annie was voluntold to:

Drink powdered coffee (and admittedly liked it!)


JiaQi Cheng Zhang

PhD student (2020 - now)

MSc, Molecular Life Sciences

Radboud University, Netherlands

JiaQi works on:

Development of a mini-and-mighty system for therapeutic gene modulation

Things JiaQi would do:

Be in Pittsburgh, Hawaii, and Los Angeles within a week! YOLO!

Anushe Munir photo.jpeg

Anushe Munir

Research Technician (2020 - 2021)

PhD student (2022 - now)

MS, Human Genetics

University of Pittsburgh

Anushe works on:

Genetic diversity in congenital muscular dystrophy

Anushe's unpopular opinion:

The brain is way cooler than the skeletal muscles!

Megan Perez.jpg

Megan Perez

PhD student (2022 - now)

BSc, Biology

LeTourneau University

Megan works on:

Neurodevelopmental deficits in polyamine-deficient disorders 

Megan's tagline: 

Perez for Perez-ident!

Previous Lab Members:

Summer students:

Salah Daghlas (2019)

Regan Brodine (2021)

Undergraduate students:

Caleb Kim (2019-2020)

Veronica Alday (2019-2021)

Alexander Azar (2021-2022)

Research technicians:

Alaina Turocy (2019)

Cynthia Francis (2019-2020)

Rotation student:

Alayna Holderman (2020)